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FreeCell Game: The Most Popular Solitaire Card Game

February 23, 2011 by elzubeth · No Comments · FreeCell

FreeCell Game

FreeCell Game

FreeCell is one of the most popular solitaire-based card games. It is played with a 52-card standard deck. The game is well known on Windows version OS created by Microsoft.

I just played the game on my Windows 7. It was really enjoying and amazing for me. I liked it for its appearance, theme and effects. There are 52 cards in this game.

FreeCell Game can be handled through “Game” menu option. You can start a new game clicking on “New Game” option. It begins with a simple click on your Windows 7 screen.

“Select Game” option give you chance of selecting a game from 1 to 1000000. The number will count as a loss in your statics.

If you are not aware how to play the game, you can click over “Hint” option. Now, you can get a hint of moving your card.

“Statics” gives the result of your playing status. You will get a great result of your every move from this option. So, it shows your skills also about the game.

Through the “Option”, you can set display animation, play sounds, show tips etc. in FreeCell Game. From the “Change Appearance”, you can change your cards colours and background themes also. You can set “Randomly Choose” option also to display all the background theme and card deck colours.

“Exit” is the option of going out from FreeCell PC Game. “Help” menu helps you viewing help and knowing about the FreeCell Game.

I played FreeCell game on Windows 7 Ultimate. It was 6.1 versions (Build 7600). It was developed for Microsoft Corporation by Oberon Games and Microsoft Corporation.

The FreeCell game is based on the four open cells and four open foundations. All the cards dealt into eight cascades.

Background themes, moving options, hints and view helps are the most appreciating options of FreeCell Computer game like Living World Racing game.

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